Amperesand’s infrastructure solutions, powered by novel solid-state transformer (SST) technology, enable efficient, intelligent, and resilient electrification on a global scale.

Amperesand Hero V13

The world’s first 22KV, 1.5MW SST system.

Amperesand infrastructure systems are built with solid-state transformer (SST) modules. Each module contains silicon carbide (SiC) devices and proprietary high-frequency transformers that are significantly more efficient, flexible, and resilient than traditional transformers. This modularity allows for simple application-specific scaling. Amperesand’s first SST systems will be available in 2, 4, and 6MW units, which can easily be combined for applications with larger power requirements.

Amperesand Module v3

SiC SSTs are the building blocks of an all-electric future.


SiC SSTs are far more efficient than their traditional counterparts. These transformers are based on power electronics and use semiconductor devices to convert and control electrical power, leading to a compact design and efficient power conversion.


SiC SSTs can be digitally controlled and monitored, providing essential data for refined grid management. Their capability to manage real-time, bidirectional power flow is essential for optimizing the utilization of renewable energy, energy storage, and EV fast-charging deployments, as well as enabling grid services.


SiC SSTs can isolate loads from the connected grid to prevent faults. This capability enhances grid resilience in the event of disturbances and outages. They can also improve power quality, addressing challenges like voltage fluctuations and harmonic distortion, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply.

Our Story

Our SST technology was pioneered by the Energy Research Institute at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and spun out by Xora Innovation.

In 2022, the team demonstrated a 22KV 1.5MW SST system, and after six months of incubation work led by Xora Innovation, Amperesand was formed in May of 2023 with plans to commercialize NTU’s SST technology.